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W2R Veteran ATTACKED by Communist Deer!

OK, so, we can't confirm if the deer was actually a communist...

And it didn't really attack him... It kind of ran into him...

But it still sucks!

Drew B. was on the way home to Ohio from the Washington DC Region SCCA Helmets Off to Heroes High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) event at Summit Point, WV, when a deer struck the side of his truck which propelled the carcass into his track car on the trailer.

While the truck had some damage, the brunt of the damage was borne by the Miata, crumpling the hood and fender and breaking the windshield.

News from Drew is that the truck is being covered by insurance and is scheduled to be repaired but it appears that the insurance company considers the Miata a total loss. If you would like to donate to Drew to help get his car and/or truck repaired, please contact Ed at

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