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How the program works

There are two programs available with Warriors2Racers

It is currently mandatory that you participate in both if you want to be a driver due to the likelihood that you will be refueling the car

Neither program requires any experience - only a desire to learn

However, a DD214 with Honorable discharge or military ID is required


  • There are two categories of crew available: 

    • Cold pit

    • Hot pit (over-the-wall)​

  • Cold pit​

    • No special equipment is required to participate​

    • You will be providing support in the paddock and on the "cold" side of the wall

    • Positions include:

      • Mechanic (paddock only) - minor and major repairs​

      • Car prep/setup (includes away from track preparations)

      • Strategist

      • Pit stop timer

      • Pit board (when needed)

      • Radio ops

      • Hospitality

      • Sponsor/partner engagement

      • Pit equipment setup/tear-down

      • Timing/scoring

  • Hot pit

    • Requires safety equipment: flame retardant suit, gloves, shoes, socks, balaclava (if you have long or facial hair), and helmet​

    • You will be servicing the car during pit stops on the "hot" side of the pit wall

    • Positions include:

      • Fueler (high demand)​

      • Fire bottle/suppression (high demand)

      • Tire pressures

      • Tire temperatures

      • Tire changer

      • Driver entry assist

      • Glass cleaning

      • Minor repairs 

  • Pros:​

    • Gets you up close to the action​

    • Crew are in high demand - we can usually get you a position supporting a team at most events

    • You learn how the team operates and what is required to be successful in Endurance racing

    • There are LOTS of opportunities available

    • It is great for networking if you are trying to work in motorsport

    • It is a whole lotta fun! You get to meet members of multiple teams, get up close to the cars, and be a member of a team of high-speed, low-drag veterans

  • Cons:​

    • You might be working with more than one team at a time (not really a con but it means that you will be VERY busy and have little down time)​

    • It can be dirty - if doing any work on the car in the paddock, we recommend you wear clothes you don't care about

    • Paid positions are rare because the program focuses primarily on amateur racing leagues

    • Funds aren't available to pay for all expenses


  • Drivers are required to gain experience in various forms of auto racing - this is to ensure the driver has sufficient experience 

  • Goal of the driver development program is to enable a candidate to progress from little or no experience through the ladder of Endurance racing series 

  • Primary target is to get drivers to at least the American Endurance Racing (AER) level but the program is designed to enable drivers to move into the World Racing League (WRL) or the International Motor Sport Association (IMSA)

  • Drivers must have experience in the following categories before they will be checked off to compete in AER:

    • Car handling (autocross, time trial, hill climbs, rallycross, rally)​

    • Situational awareness (HPDE and high-speed/road circuit karting)

    • Lower echelon Endurance series (Lemons, Lucky Dog, and ChampCar)

  • Example progression:​

    1. Autocross/time trial​

    2. HPDE

    3. High-speed kart

    4. Lemons

    5. ChampCar/Lucky Dog

    6. AER

    7. WRL or IMSA (requires competition licensing)

  • Those with prior experience must provide POCs to enable verification

  • For HPDEs to "count", the contact information of the instructor is required

  • Completion of a SCCA or NASA accredited, license-granting school meets the minimum requirements to enter the program at the ChampCar/Lucky Dog level

  • Pros:

    • You get a LOT of seat time - in some cases you will be driving for 5+ hours over the course of a weekend once you make to the Endurance series level​

    • A competition license is not required to complete the majority of the program

  • Cons:

    • The driver program is in very high demand, costs a lot to operate, and available sponsor/partner funds are low - in other words, drivers will have out-of-pocket expense​s 

    • Participation in sponsor/partner events is MANDATORY (no exceptions) - this includes, but is not limited to, driver appearances

    • Drivers must purchase all of their own safety equipment with the exception of the neck restraint system

    • Due to high demand, priority is given to those drivers that actively participate/support W2R in non-driver roles (including participation in crew events)

    • At a minimum, you will be required to be on the refueling team at events you are participating in

helmet-24-hour-race-g1d9ac5d9d_1920 edited.png


Refueling Team

The most requested by the racing teams, the refueling teams consist of a fueler and a fire suppression/safety observer. These positions require full safety gear and the ability to lift and operate the refueling jugs/valves or fire extinguisher


State Representative

Representatives for W2R 

promote the program within their state, encourage our veteran brothers and sisters to participate, work to get sponsors and partnerships, etc. 

These key, volunteer positions are the face of W2R at the state level and provide a way to engage with veterans locally.

See map below for available states


Funded Driver

Unfortunately W2R doesn't always have funds to pay for the racing for veterans but W2R can be leveraged in several ways for drivers who can pay their own way:

1. Seat locator/racing opportunities:

  • As a veteran: you can use W2R to find driving opportunities with host teams ​

  • As a non-veteran: you can use the W2R seat finding/racing opportunities service for a fee

  • Teams with available seats can list with W2R as long as veteran drivers receive a discounted rate​

2. Team funding/VIP & celebrity racing:

  • Regardless of veteran status, an individual or organization can pay for a properly qualified driver or drivers to race with the W2R team - cost runs from $6400 to  $18000 depending on the location, vehicle, and number of stints driven 

rep locations.png

States in white available for new State Reps

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