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Partner Programs

Are you a veteran charity? Are you a motorsport team?

Partnering with Warriors2Racers is a great opportunity for veteran charities, racing teams, and organizations that support veterans. By working together, we can meet the needs of more veterans, make sure more veterans know about your programs, and reduce operating costs by leveraging each other's services

Partner Benefits

Veteran Charities

As a veteran charity, you have the opportunity through W2R to spread the word about your organization and the benefits you provide through our nationwide program. By partnering with us, you will be able to meet with veterans directly and indirectly, many of whom likely would benefit from your program but who may not know about it. 

Race Teams

Race teams can benefit from pre-vetted drivers and crews being available for support. If a veteran does not have the needed skills, our program works to train them so that they are at the level required to support your team.

Current Partners

Resilience Racing

The Resilience Racing Foundation is an all-volunteer, veteran led organization committed to advancing adaptive hand control technologies, and harnessing the profound benefits of 'motorsports therapy' for disabled veterans through competitive racing. RRF acts as the organizational parent to W2R.

GRACE AFTER FIRE Logo Standard.png

Grace After Fire

The mission of Grace After Fire is to provide the means for women Veterans to gain knowledge, insight and self-renewal.

We serve to protect the Veteran, connect the resource and renew the women.


We provide Adrenaline Therapy through fully immersive Motorsports at no charge to Combat Veterans and First Responders who suffer from PTSD and Depression

Supporting Teams

These teams have all supported or worked with W2R to provide opportunities to veterans

Baller Racing Team: by far the most support and opportunity to veterans

EZ Rider: Provided opportunity to drive for W2R member/ new driver

Angry Croc: Provided crew opportunities

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Golden Rotor: Provided crew opportunities to our members

*Processing of funding with 501c(3) benefits must be accomplished through our parent organization: Resilience Racing

Where your money goes: in order to take care of any fees incurred by Resilience Racing and to help the parent program, 5% of your W2R sponsorship funds go to Resilience Racing. An additional 5% is provided to the greater W2R program to pay for any overhead which includes things like printing costs. The remaining 90% goes directly to fund the W2R veteran activities which include vehicle transport to the track, entry fees, car parts (including tires), and veteran expenses such as hotels. 

W2R does not pay for individual veteran equipment such as helmets, fire suits, etc.

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