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You're not just a sponsor of W2R, you are a partner

Whenever a business or individual provides funding to W2R, we consider it a win/win opportunity - we want to make sure that you not only get the warm fuzzy of supporting a veteran but also get real value for your support.


Here are just a few ways that W2R can benefit you/your company 

(Availability depends on the amount and type of partnership program)

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W2R Icon Use

Use the Warriors2Racers icon on your website for the season of sponsorship to show your support of US veterans

Snacks and Beer


Racing events make for great hospitality opportunities to show your customers appreciation, provide employees a reward for good work, or even as a location for an impromptu meeting

Ticket Graphic

Free Entrance/Pit Passes

Provide free race access to your guests and/or get them up close to the cars in the pits


Team Apparel

Have your logo and company name on team helmets, fire suits, fan t-shirts, hats, and more!


Named Awards

Want to provide additional incentive to the veterans? How about creating an award named after you/your company that is presented at one of the award ceremonies?

Race Car Driver

Driver and Crew Appearances

Have W2R drivers and crew meet with your clients and guests. Adding your logo to autographed mementos ensures that people see your company name long after they have left the event 

Vip Ride

VIP/Exclusive Access

Provide clients or employees exclusive access to the team members and meet with team principals


Social Media Presence

Exposure to over 125,000 potential customers (series dependent)

Protein Products

Product Promotion

Show veteran support with the W2R logo on your product for a special run or set up a table at a racing venue to promote your product


On-site Car Displays

Very few things catch someone's eye more than a race car - have it brought to your event or placed near your business. Can be combined with driver and crew appearances for even more attention


Car Shows

Can't make it to a race? Have the team car sent to a car show to get your companies name in front of those in attendance

RV Vehicle

At track RV spots

Provide your VIP clients with their own RV spot at the track so they never miss a second of the racing


We offer lots of ways to work with each other, all with the tax benefits of working with a 501c(3) organization.*   Here are a few ways you partner with us


Individual Driver

Have a favorite W2R driver or crew member? You can fund them directly by specifying who you want to sponsor

Traffic Cone

Lower level event(s)

Want to have a major impact on getting a new driver experience? Provide the funds for him/her to participate in an autocross, time trial, or HPDE


Mini (Seasonal)

Want to have your name on the car for the season? Try the mini sponsorship with options to have your company name/logo on the door and/or on the "TV panel" on the dash


Host Team

If you have a team, you can leverage a cadre of vetted drivers and trained crew members


Multi event

Bring your support to bear over multiple events and/or multiple series 


Half (Seasonal)

Traditional, half-car sponsorship for the season with either front fender and hood or trunk lid and rear bumper advertising areas. Optional TV panel


Single Event-Endurance

Want to have a major impact but can't afford to support a team for the whole season? Sponsor a single endurance race and have your business event at the race


Season (lower level)

Most drivers require a significant amount of experience at each level of the development program - help provide this foundation

PNG DSC0249.png

Full (Seasonal)

Traditional, full-car sponsorship for the season with front fender, hood, TV panel, trunk lid, and rear bumper to advertise your company

*Processing of funding with 501c(3) benefits must be accomplished through our parent organization: Resilience Racing

Where your money goes: in order to take care of any fees incurred by Resilience Racing and to help the parent program, 5% of your W2R sponsorship funds go to Resilience Racing. An additional 5% is provided to the greater W2R program to pay for any overhead which includes things like printing costs. The remaining 90% goes directly to fund the W2R veteran activities which include vehicle transport to the track, entry fees, car parts (including tires), and veteran expenses such as hotels. 

W2R does not pay for individual veteran equipment such as helmets, fire suits, etc.

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