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Why we focus on Endurance Racing

There are many forms of motorsport racing but, in the world of wheel-to-wheel road course racing, there are two basic types: sprint and endurance. Both are awesome! But endurance racing provides added benefits for a program like ours that is focusing on team-building, reliance on each other, and camaraderie 

Sprint Racing

  • Sanctioning bodies for amateur leagues: SCCA or NASA

  • Race duration: usually 60 minutes or less 

  • Classes are highly regulated and cars are required to meet certain specifications 

  • Competition license is required

  • If car breaks, race is over - there isn't enough time to recover the car, perform a repair, and complete a race

  • A team is not required 

  • One driver per event

  • No pit stops 

  • Race as fast as you can for entire session - aggressive moves and hard driving pays off


  • Racing tires (slicks) are the norm and usually required to be competitive

  • Usually the newest equipment is needed to be competitive

  • Overall cost is lower but the amount of seat time is much lower - cost per amount of racing is higher 

Endurance Racing

  • Sanctioning bodies for amateur leagues: Lucky Dog, ChampCar, AER

  • Race duration: 7+ hours (8 hours is most common)

  • Classes are less regulated/based on how fast the car and crew are in qualifying 

  • Competition license is not required

  • If car breaks, there is still a chance that the car can be repaired and end up on the podium

  • A team is required 

  • Minimum of 2 drivers per event, most common is 4 drivers

  • Minimum number of pit stops/driver changes required

  • Race to preserve the car and ensure that it lasts the entire duration - aggressive moves and hard driving don't always pay off

  • DOT (regular street tires) are required - tire management is required to be competitive

  • Equipment that is known for durability is key - which may not be the newest technology

  • Overall cost is higher but amount of seat time is much higher - cost per amount of racing is lower

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