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While Baller struggles, W2R member races for first time

Summit Point, 2-4 June 2023 - participation by W2R(sm) members was relatively low for Summit Point. Jake Mac continued his support of host team Baller Racing and two self-funded drivers participated in the event; Ed McLean drove for Baller Racing in class 2 and Sean C., in his first ever wheel-to-wheel racing event drove for EZ Riders in class 1.

Ed McLean in the class 2 Baller Racing Team Acura Integra

Sean C in the class 1 EZ Riders Mercedes

Baller had power steering issues, coolant, and shift linkage issues throughout the weekend that largely hampered the team during each of the races including qualifying. The deal qualified 10th out of 15 and finished 11th on Saturday which was outside the points finishes. On Sunday, the car failed to make it to the half-way point of the race and was handed a DNF (Did Not Finish).

EZ Rider's Mercedes fared a little better as they were able to score some points. They qualified 7th of 12 and finished 8th on Saturday. However, they were not able to start on Sunday due to a brake issue.

To quote Sean C. on his first drive, "It was my first time driving wheel to wheel and its a heck of a jump moving from HPDE to that. But the weekend was so much fun and everyone in the Paddock was great, I think I am definitely hooked."

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Jake McCracken
Jake McCracken
Jul 04, 2023

This was a tough weekend for me. Ed hooking me up with Baller Racing was a life changer for me. After the chaos of sundays mechanical problems it looked like Baller was done with the Integra and car owner responsibilities (and headaches) thankfully the owner decided to just take a break for the rest of the 2023 season, to regroup, repair and rework. Hopefully the Baller Hooptie will be back next year better than ever!

The only bright side to the whole disaster ending early on Sunday was that I got to be there when Ed picked up W2R's Miata!


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