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W2R vet gets first taste of wheel-to-wheel action

Andy L., a W2R member, was selected by the Follow-On Mission to participate in a ChampCar event at Road America. The weekend was a first for both Andy and W2R - a first for Andy to go wheel-to-wheel in an endurance race and a first for W2R working with Follow-On Mission. Because of the success, W2R will be working on establishing a partnership with Follow-On Mission.

From Andy:

"This past weekend was my first experience with wheel to wheel and endurance racing. Thanks to Warriors 2 Racers, I was connected to The Follow On Mission to drive a test day and a Saturday stint at Road America. I learned so much on driving in the wet as well as how to work as part of the team in the pits and garage. While I did have all my own safety equipment, they were gracious enough to lend me a helmet with comms and a HANS device attached to it. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with both organizations and increasing my capabilities."

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