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W2R Member Podiums at SCCA Time Trial National Tour

We're very excited to announce that Warriors2Racers member Drew B. managed a podium a the SCCA Time Trial National Tour at National Corvette Museum (NCM) race course in Bowling Green, KY!

This is no small feat either - NCM is known as an unforgiving and highly technical course. Marry that with the higher caliber drivers that generally participate in the National SCCA events and you're talking a really difficult event to do well in. For Drew to podium speaks volumes to how skilled he is.

Drew drove his Miata to 3rd in class for Tuner 5 event though he was struggling with rear end grip which led to a couple of spins and an end to two of his fastest times for the weekend - which also ended his contention for the top spot on the podium.

Drew is rightfully very excited about the 3rd place and said "We’ll dial in the suspension and be ready to move up the podium for the next event!"

-Drew and his future co-driver (maybe replacement??)

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