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Update on Mid-Ohio

Jake Mac sent an update to the AER event at Mid-Ohio. His son, Jonathan, who is also a W2R member, was crewing at the event as well. Both Jake and Jonathan crewed for both Angry Croc and Golden Rotor teams.

Support from both was critical for both teams but Angry Croc especially needed the help because of their primary crew member not being at the event due to a family emergency.

As for the results (from Jake's update):

"Croc ended up taking 2nd in the qualifying race on Friday, 3rd in class for Saturdays race and 2nd in class for Sundays Race. They also took 2nd overall for the weekend. Croc also ended the season 2nd place for the Team Championship.

Golden Rotor qualified 4th on Friday, finished 8th on Saturday (they retired early due to rain. Anthony couldn't keep the car on the track and decided on live to fight another day. Sunday they took 3rd in class. They ended up 5th overall."

Jake also had a live stream going from the pits on all 3 days. His videos can be seen at

Jake was also very happy that he got to drive the Angry Croc Porsche Cayman to grid at this event.

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