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September 2023 Newsletter

Hi all,

Back from taking care of the estate - took all my time so that's why I didn't get out an August Newsletter.

W2R merch - Want some W2R stuff and support the program too? Head on over to COG-Racing for special W2R items and COG-Racing will donate $5 to the program for each item purchased. Items are limited right now but check back often for an expanded selection in the near future:

DVEN/Rally4Vets Top Dog Championships 1 Oct at Summit Point (Shenandoah Circuit) - The Rally4Vets Top Dog Championship is back for 2023! Military veterans, active-duty personnel, and military supporters compete on Service Teams for individual awards in class and collective as a team for the Top Dog Trophy. [The Army team claimed the honor in 2021 and 2022]. Each service has its own team. Teams will compete in a day-long Trackcross event at Summit Point Raceway. Priority registration will be offered to military veterans and active-duty personnel. All funds raised will be used to provide service dogs and suicide prevention programs to disabled veterans. The event charity recipient for 2023 is Veterans Moving Forward. Registration closes on 15 September. Go to to register and for more information.

DVEN/Rally4Vets Top Dog Championships Help Wanted - Can't make it to race? How about lending a hand? Let me know if interested and I can coordinate with the event organizer.

Autobahn Gift Certificates Raffle Issues - Ran into a snag with this one. Due to Virginia law, we can't hold a raffle for them. I looked up Indiana law for the Resilience Racing Foundation to see if our parent organization could hold it and while it was possible, the permit was really expensive and funds have to be shared with another charity 50/50. So, anyone have any other ideas how we could use the gift certificates?

State reps - I'll be reaching out to you shortly to have a Zoom call to discuss things in general.

DeeDee - Anyone interested in working on DeeDee, please let me know your availability over the next couple of months. I'd like to get 'er on the road!

Driver funded seats available-

  • VIR Champcar December 2-4 - $1700 for a seat, gets you one stint sat and sunday.

  • MidOhio in October with AER - contact me if interested

  • WRL (World Racing League) Seat Available for Sebring & COTA - contact me if interested

Crew opportunities- Let me know when you are available and I'll work to get you in the pits.

Talk to you soon,

Ed McLean

Director, Driver and Crew Development


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