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Jake takes on an Angry Croc

Jake Mac, our crew coordinator, travelled to VIR for the American Endurance Race scheduled for 14-16 July and will be supporting the Angry Croc Racing Team. Jake was able to get picked up by the team due to his extensive experience and positive reputation from working with long-time hosting team Baller Racing.

We wish both Jake and Angry Croc the best of luck for this weekend!

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Jake McCracken
Jake McCracken
Jul 15, 2023

Qualified 2nd in class Friday! Theres some REALLY fast cars in our class, but there was also a lot of work going on throught the night around the paddock. Some of it was on cars in our class, I just hope they got done what needed done. Hate to beat someone in the paddock, I'd much rather see the battle on the track!

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