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HUGE News! Team Brit teams with Resilience Racing!

From Team BRIT - "Team BRIT has become the world leader in disability motorsport by using technology to provide the solutions disabled drivers need to compete in mainstream motorsport.

This experience, knowledge and expertise has built up over years of R&D to ensure our disabled drivers have what they need to race on a totally level playing field.

We now want to help other teams all over the world duplicate our success, starting with America."

"Team BRIT will enter 2 teams in the American Endurance Racing championship and invite disabled Americans to join us.

Together, we will field 2 cars with 4 drivers per car - a total of 8 disabled racing drivers.

To ensure disabled Americans are able to continue racing long after we have gone, we will leave these two race cars, fitted with our hand controls, in the very capbable hands of a race team set up for injured US veterans - Resilience Racing."

For more information on Team BRIT and the partnership, please go to:

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