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DeeDee Update

The W2R car number 214 (hence DeeDee) is coming together nicely.

The drivetrain is now together and completely mounted in the car however a bad CV joint was discovered and will need to be replaced. The clutch lines are hooked up but the system needs to be bled.

The exhaust is also together on the car but the exhaust pipe that came with the car might need to be re-bent or replaced due to potential contact with the underside of the car.

While the brakes are operable, a spot on one of the rear lines appears to have rubbing damage and will need to be replaced.

The electrical harness is another issue altogether and will require the bulk of the effort to get DeeDee back on the track.

A new battery has been purchased and we are looking at repositioning it in the car.

Also purchased is a CoolShirt system which will need to be installed in the car.

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Tana P
Tana P
Jan 01

You know what I love about W2R? (Besides the obvious fun) As veterans, we are often dismissed as damaged or broken by others. However, we see potential and new beginnings. It takes great vision and dedication to rebuild and come back stronger in ways that others could never have imagined. That is what I see on DD and our racers. Bravo Zulu!

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