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DeeDee is home

The W2R car (DeeDee) is now unloaded along with all of the spare parts that came with the car thanks to W2R members Sean C. and Jay K. The car is now garaged in northern Virginia and work can now begin to reassemble the car and get it on track.

In addition, the number 214 has been reserved with AER. We now have one year to compete in an AER race - if we don't compete, the number will be up for grabs by other teams.

In case you didn't pick up on it, at Jake Mac's suggestion, we decided to go with the number and name combo so that the car would be "DeeDee 214".

If you would like to lend a hand in getting the car back into running order, please contact Ed at

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Jake McCracken
Jake McCracken
04 de jul. de 2023

If I remember correctly I suggested the number but Ed came up with the name. A fitting combination! A clever joke, hidden in plain sight, that only those who know will understand.

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