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Angry Croc takes a bite out of the competition

Our very own Jake Mac was there to lend a hand to Angry Croc, and they needed him on Saturday. The Angry Croc Cayman was turning some great lap times when they got a leak in the radiator and had to go to the paddock. After installing a new radiator in the car, they discovered that there were other leaks in the system coming from the hoses. After addressing the hose situation, they were able to get back on track (pun intended) but the extended down time resulted in a 7th place finish.

Sunday was another story however. The car was very quick throughout the day. Racing greats like Indycar driver Pippa Mann were challenging the team but their speed kept even her at bay. In the end the team finished 2nd in their class and 2nd overall.

Congratulations to the Angry Croc team on the podium and thank you also for allowing Jake Mac be a member of your crew for the event.

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