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US Veteran Driver and Crew Development Program

All-Veteran Endurance Racing Team

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Warriors2Racers is a dedicated driver and crew development program organized, directed, and operated by all volunteer veterans for our fellow military veteran brothers and sisters as part of the Resilience Racing portfolio, a 501(c)3 Not for Profit.

Many veterans experience a feeling of no longer belonging to the military "family" when they leave the service.  W2R(sm)  was established to help veterans find that sense of belonging again and to be part of a team once more.

Endurance racing was chosen due to the increased reliance on other members of the team to ensure success and safety and the reduced cost per hour of driving time.

The program is based just outside of Manassas, Virginia but is partnering with multiple other veteran racing organizations across the country to increase opportunities to participate and diversify the development programs.  

"A mysterious fraternity born out of smoke and danger of death"

Stephen Crane


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Individual Donations:

Drew M

Max K

Tim L

Donna B

David Z

Supporting Race Teams:

Baller Racing Team (AER)

Angry Croc (AER)

EZ Rider (AER)

Golden Rotor (AER)

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