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July 2023 Newsletter

Hi all,

I know it wasn’t too long ago that I sent the last newsletter but quite a bit has happened and I wanted to get it out before I forgot:

Website update (finally)- I updated the W2R website (sorry that it took so long). Please look it over and let me know what you think and if anything needs to be corrected or updated. I did change things a little and instead of putting a bio for all members, I only put bios for those folks that are filling a position. If you would like to be included and are not on the site, please provide a picture, Service, and how many years served.

Membership- we are up to 36 members in the program but we need more! We almost cover the entire US already with members from Salt Lake City to Washington DC and Texas to Wisconsin. Virginia has the largest number of members.

Ohio rep: Speaking of members, Ryan G. has agreed/volunteered to be the Ohio rep for W2R. This means that we now have a state rep in Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Tennessee (to the reps: I’ll be scheduling a zoom call in a couple of weeks to touch bases with you- please let me know if there is a particular day of the week or date that does not work for you).

High speed karting – so the availability of the kart for Summit Point fell on its face due to the seat (too small) so I’m working to get that straightened out, that and to get another kart prepped in time for the Woodbridge Kart Club event in September at PittRace (main course not the kart course). If you are interested in driving a kart in excess of 70 mph (for reference the average speed for the winner for the karts in this class at PittRace was 62.5 mph last fall) please let me know so we can make sure we have a kart ready. Only equipment needed is a helmet as we have neck braces and karting jackets that can be used if you don’t have a driving suit (gloves are highly recommended however).

Service mark addition- a service-mark (think trademark by for a service instead of a product) has been added to the logo, Warriors2Racers, and W2R while I work through getting it registered with the patent office. This means that we are letting folks know that we claim those items as unique to us. So if you go to the website you will see what they look like and I will be adding it to the logos I include in the emails in the not too distant future. For the text-based items, you will see (sm) behind them on the website (e.g. W2R(sm)). Once we go through the patent office and it gets approved, the (sm) will change to ® , but until that time, it meets the legal requirement to “claim” those items as service marks.


1. I’d like to thank Jay K. and Sean C. for helping (really doing it for me because of my injury) get DeeDee out of the trailer along with all of the parts and putting it all into the garage. It gave us a chance to put DeeDee up on the lift (see attached) and give her a once over. There were a number of things that made us scratch our heads but overall it still looks like a really good buy.

2. I inventoried all of the parts and we really did get a lot with the car. Not to list all the stuff but we got a total of 3 transmissions and 2 engines in the deal.

3. I put the exhaust together on the car (which will need more work due to a clearance issue) and there was also a problem with the driver door that really irked me so I fixed it. Wiring was not done well so I’m thinking a redo is in order and a roof will need to be made so we don’t get wet when it is raining (Sean C. did some research on a fastback version of the car that looks pretty cool and might be an option).

4. I also was able to reserve the 214 number with AER- we have 1 year to get the car into an AER event or we could potentially lose it. ChampCar was another issue though and I was not able to reserve 214 outright – apparently they have regional numbers – and I wasn’t able to confirm getting it, at least, I didn’t find a way to do it without registering for an event.

5. Testing – once the car is together (I’m guessing October-ish), I am going to attempt to schedule a day down at Dominion Raceway for a full test day where we keep the car going for most of the day and with pit stops including fueling and driver changes. Couple of issues with this is that I have to convince the road course manager to allow us to do this during an HPDE event and that the roll cage in DeeDee has a cross brace right in the way of where an instructor seat would go (which would allow for non-solo folks to get some seat time). More to follow when we get a little closer.

Swag artwork- I am looking for ideas/artwork for t-shirts, polos, coins, etc. for W2R so we can promote the program better. If you have ideas, please send them to me. I also am working on a brochure and will be including the artwork in that as well. If you have an idea, shoot it to me.

Driver seats available- I have a line on several driver-funded opportunities in ChampCar and AER coming up. If interested, please contact me for details.

Crew opportunities- I still have multiple requests for crew, particularly fueling teams, from several teams for VIR 14-16 July. If interested, please let me know ASAP.

Talk to you soon,

Ed McLean

Director, Driver and Crew Development


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